Dream and Reality of Russian Young Provincial Ladies (1700-1850)
The Carl Beck Papers No. 1405 (Pittsburgh, 2000), 87 pp. $6.50

Dream and Reality of Russian Young Provincial Ladies (1700-1850) explores the issue of marriage in the lives of young girls of noble origin. The main themes of the essay are: the image of an ideal wife in the eyes of society, men in particular; the corresponding image of an ideal husband in girls' dreams; and the realization of these dreams in reality after marriage. The book chronologically presents, through their own voices where possible, provincial noble young women of several succeeding generations: the two wives of Ivan Nepluev; the wife and daughters of Andrei Bolotov; Anna Labzina; the girls and young women of Bunin-Yelagin-Kireevskii clan; and the female characters of Dmitrii Begichev's novels. In all of these cases, the everyday existence of a particular woman, real or fictional, is analyzed in relation to her contemporaries. Evidence is primarily drawn from archival documents, published and unpublished correspondence, diaries, family chronicles, memoirs, and contemporary fiction.

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